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    Dear sir,

    How can I make an avatar ? Do you plan to create an avatar for Kite-Surf ?

    Best regards,

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    Avatars are paid (sponsored ) by a third party – fleet association boat maker etc.  We do plan for kite surf avatar in the nearest future.


    What must a one-design class association do to get create an avatar for their favorite boat?  Also, what does the avatar sponsorship fee entail?



    RSX Windsurfing avatar?


    Looking for a Hobie 16 avatars… Who can we talk to about creating one?


    I sail with several radio controlled model yacht clubs. The raceQs iPhone App works well taped to the underside of the deck in my International 1 Metre (IOM Class) boat, but because the yachts are only 1 m long, all the available avatars are too large and out of proportion to the sailing courses in the 3D Replay. Please keep this in mind as you consider expanding the avatar range.


    A trimaran avatar would be nice too…F85sr if you want to be specific ;)

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