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    I race in a club where we use the same courses week after week. I used a regatta broadcast for last week’s race and went through and entered the GPS co-ordinates of all the marks in all the courses.

    I’ve now set up another broadcast for this week’s race and was hoping the marks I set up last week would be available for me to add to my courses. However, there is nothing under the Available Marks section. Is there any way I can export the marks from last weeks regatta and import them in to this weeks?

    BTW – absolutely fantastic application! Its going to take off at my club in a big way


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    Currently, there is no such functionality. Until we build something like this I propose the following:

    – Request a “Regatta page” for the whole series here: http://raceqs.com/pro-regatta-broadcast/

    – Enter divisions/starts/marks for one event

    – Ask us to copy them to the others


    We have 7 divisions that each have four different courses that are the same for the whole season. The courses use up to six fixed buoys in the river and some day buoys that are laid in approximately the same position each week on race day.

    Can you possibly copy the available marks from this regatta page:


    To this regatta page:



    If you could, that would make my job much easier.





    Please request a page FOR THE WHOLE SERIES (click “Add one more day” above submit button).


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