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    Entering a cashless society, just carry a credit card. Currently, more than 57% of Thai people prefer to do financial transactions via digital channels. Credit cards, debit cards, pgslot168 applications can be said that living without cash, ever And the reason that Thai people prefer to carry less cash is


    1. Unsafe carrying cash

    Sometimes work may be lost or stolen while traveling to various places.


    2. There are more digital payments.

    Many banks are increasingly paying attention to online channels and application systems. Entering a more cashless society Therefore making it easier to pay In addition to spending, there are 9 Advantages of applying for a credit card online Easy. No need to go to the bank as well.


    3. Not convenient to use cash

    In a cashless society, in some cases we may have to spend a lot. Therefore not convenient to carry a large amount of money, so choose to use other methods that do not need to carry a large sum of money Seeing it this way, let’s see what are some ways that can help us live our lives without carrying cash.


    1. PromptPay

    Easy transfer at your fingertips Nowadays, we choose the method of transferring money through bank apps. If you can’t remember our bank account number or those we transfer Can transfer via PromptPay The PromptPay system is to register a telephone or ID card for use in money transfer transactions only. And most importantly, still not paying a fair fee for each transfer as well


    2. Electronic card

    If we go to the mall or refuel the car, the shop might not be able to tell the account number of the shop. Because some stores do not pay directly to the store owner. But will be able to use a credit or debit card supported for spending Just submit the credit card that we have. The shop staff will do everything for us. We just wait for the signature to confirm. And most importantly, now there is no minimum swipe and charging service fees

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