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    If you want to tip your Smart Tv you have to move from the applications that come as standard because they are a little limited. In fact, last year Samsung vetoed the YouTube app for 2012 smart TVs. I was affected by that I did this tutorial to watch Youtube on Samsung Smart Tv. I also advise you if you like to enjoy free channels on the Internet that you go through this tutorial of IPTV with channels of Spain, yes, you have guessed it for smart tvs also. Today I bring you another application that you will love, because it is a way to get more out of your TVs to watch free content on the Internet. Today we will see how to install Mobdro for Smart TV.

    What is Mobdro Smart Tv ?

    Modbro categoriza os vídeos, programas de acordo com cada tópico e é fácil para procurar

    Mobdro for Smart Tv is an APK that serves to watch pay-per-view channels for free. You can find more information in this article about Mobdro for Android.

    Well, one thing Android Verde.. if Mobdro is an Android app How can I run it on a TV?. Well, easy to buy a TV Box, with this gadget you will turn your TV into an Ordernador with Android. This way you can install Mobdro for Samsung Smart Tv or similar.

    Where to Buy TV Box ?

    You can buy a TV Box directly from the banner below.

    This Pen we connect it to your TV and you can already have this amazing application.

    You can also enjoy this X96 Mini Tv box that I personally use, which comes with Mobdro for Smart Tv as standard.

    How to Install Mobdro For Smart Tv

    Now let’s see how to watch Mobdro on my Smart TV, it may seem like a complicated process but it’s actually very simple.

    Mobdro For Smart TV Download

    The first thing to do is to download Mobdro for Smart TV for FREE. We can do this for free from their website.

    Turn on The Unknown Origins Box

    Now, since Mobdro is not available on Google Play we will have to install its APK for this we will have to check the box “Unknown Sources”. The route would be as follows:

    Settings>Personal>Security>Unknown Sources.

    We will proceed to install Mobdro for Smart TV for free. And ready we will have this excellent application to watch free channels on our TV.

    Mobdro TV Channel List

    Mobdro has a fairly extensive list of channels, we will be able to see practically the channels of the DT online for free, some of which does not have a very good quality. Among Mobdro’s channel list are the following:


    Channels: Fox, 13th Street, AXN, Hollywood Channel, Discovery Channel, Disney Channel, History, Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon, among others.

    Sports: Being Sport, Sky sport, WWE TV, Ten Sport.. Etc.

    Music: MTV Spain, 40 TV and some other.

    Series: The Simpsons, Big Bang Theory, Family Guy, among others.

    I hope you’ve used this tutorial to know how to install mobdro for Smart TV Free on your device.

    If you have any questions you can always leave it written in comments, I promise to reply. You have at your disposal the social media buttons to share this content. Thank you very much for your visit.
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