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    In friends’ bathrooms Often find problems with the clogged pipes from the hair? pgslot168 Which is a basic problem that many households often encounter And must buy hundreds of baht protective equipment Or chemical pipe cleaners at an expensive price To solve the problem again, this time in the house came up with a great idea from AIScript that recycle water bottles and ropes to trap hair in the sewer. Can actually be used At an affordable price Let’s try to see it.


    DIY Hair Scoop in Sewer Recycle from bottled water, do it yourself easily, no need to waste money to buy.


    DIY that traps hair in sewer pipes from water bottles and ropes Do not waste money to buy !!  Problems of hair clogging in the sewers Saw that there was a hair trap for selling 50-200 each in the form


    But wait! We can easily make ourselves from water bottles and rope. No need to waste money. Let’s see.

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