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    Elderly people who have to live alone pgslot168 because their children go to work together Wherever you look, you don’t see anyone. In addition to the risk of depression. May also have Alzheimer’s symptoms as well But do you know that drawing and painting Can reduce Alzheimer’s risk very well Which allows the elderly to draw and paint often How good Let’s see


    1. reduce stress

    Many seniors have worked quickly, steadily and steadily. When it comes to old age, it will not do what you want, causing stress. Drawing and painting are therefore a way to help those elderly people to reduce their distractions. Including the stress that will gradually disappear as well.


    2. Freedom to make decisions and to see the value of oneself

    With aging causing many elderly people to lose confidence And do not dare to decide to do anything by yourself But drawing and coloring will increase mental value Resulting in more confidence and courage to make your own decisions Which also helps to reduce Alzheimer’s risk as well


    3. Helps the nervous system not deteriorate with time.

    Leaving the elderly alone in their homes without their brain use can cause nerve damage. But if you have to draw and paint, it will help the brain to think critically and not to speed up the process, thus allowing the brain to work fully. And helps the nervous system in the elderly to work constantly This will help reduce the risk of Alzheimer in the elderly.

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